About Us

Toronto to Zero is a collaboration between people living with HIV and other community members, community-based AIDS service organizations, clinicians, public health agencies, researchers, and government stakeholders working in partnership to successfully end the epidemic in our city by:

  • Dramatically reducing the number of new HIV transmissions so that the number of people living with HIV is decreasing
  • Improving the health outcomes of people currently living with HIV
  • Maximizing the number of people with HIV who:
    • are diagnosed quickly after contracting HIV
    • are immediately linked to care and treatment
  • Dismantling HIV stigma and discrimination

The Champion Team is made up of people living with HIV, individuals from populations at risk of HIV, and service providers has been convened to guide the initiative. This group of local stakeholders will help guide the project through its initial formulation, formulate task groups to develop a comprehensive action plan for the project, engage with community stakeholders, and oversee the implementation of the project’s action plan.

Toronto has always had a strong response to HIV … now we have a unique opportunity to re-imagine that response. Given everything that we know, what can Toronto do differently? How can we make new HIV infections rare and ensure people with HIV will lead long healthy lives free from stigma and discrimination?

More than 250 cities around the world – including New York, London, San Francisco and Paris – have launched comprehensive plans to end the HIV epidemic, and many have been able to dramatically reduce the number of new infections. To stop HIV, we need a focused, coordinated city-wide effort that builds on our existing network of services to stop the virus.

For this project to be a success, we also need the knowledge, experience and passion of community members living with and affected by HIV. We will actively engage the community in planning and implementing Toronto to Zero, giving those interested an opportunity to learn, engage and contribute to the shape of the project. We encourage you to stay involved and help us plan how we can end the HIV epidemic in Toronto, together.