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Newcomer, Immigrant and Refugee Health Task Group


The UNAIDS Fast-Track Cities Initiative is engaging cities across the globe to move beyond “business as usual” to identify and implement innovative ways to leverage system knowledge, skills and resources in the fight against HIV. Toronto to Zero is an opportunity for the city to join this global movement and drastically improve prevention, treatment and care services to end the HIV epidemic.

How the community consultation came to be

The Newcomer, Immigrant and Refugee Health task group for Toronto to Zero is preparing recommendations for new strategies and approaches to improve HIV care for newcomers, immigrants and refugees to be included as part of a much larger document to revolutionize HIV care in Toronto.
While our task group membership includes community members living with HIV as well as service providers who support people living with HIV to connect with and stay engaged in care, we feel broader consultation is needed to ensure our recommendations reflect the needs of people living with HIV in Toronto who may not have been captured by our committee meetings. This community consultation provides that opportunity.


Toronto to Zero will refocus and leverage existing HIV programs and services to:

  • Reduce by two-thirds —from 434 to 144 —the number of new HIV transmissions that occur in Toronto each year
  • Surpass the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets and have 95% of people living with HIV diagnosed, 95% of those diagnosed on treatment, and 97% of those on treatment virally suppressed
  • Ensure no one is left behind — all populations most affected by HIV will share in the benefits of care and treatment
  • Establish a fourth 90: to improve the overall health, longevity and quality of life for people living with HIV
  • End all HIV stigma and discrimination

How will the recommendations and community members’ ideas be put into practice?

After the meeting, the task group will review input collected by note takers at the think tank and use this input to modify our existing recommendations. The task group’s recommendations will be submitted to the Champion Team, the TtZ’s central steering committee that includes stakeholders from government, the private sector, public health, community-based AIDS organizations, clinicians, researchers, people living with HIV and activists. The Champion Team will incorporate these recommendations into Toronto to Zero’s Action Plan, a strategic plan to achieve Toronto to Zero’s goals. Partner agencies will implement the Action Plan over the course of the project to shape new and existing programming to better meet the needs of communities living with and affected by HIV.

Upcoming Events

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